UNIJES – Jesuit Universities


UNIJES – Jesuit Universities is the network of universities linked to the Society of Jesus in Spain.  While the universities are autonomous and pursue their own development, they also form alliances and undertake common projects to strengthen:

  • The academic and humanist quality of their training programmes
  • Research on solutions to social challenges
  • Contribution to dialogue and debate in today’s world

Identity and mission

  • Train men and women as competent professionals and responsible citizens who use their knowledge and abilities to serve others.
  • Research and contribute useful knowledge in those areas where the greatest challenges are posed to man and society as a whole.
  • In order to fulfil this mission, the UNIJES universities envisage a model with four key dimensions to ensure an all-round education:
  1. UTILITAS – Competent persons, capable of solving the technical, social and human problems that all professionals face;
  2. HUMANITAS – Humans in the fullest sense of the word, aware of themselves and the world they live in; sensitive to the aspirations and concerns of their fellow men;
  3. IUSTITIA – Persons committed to building a fairer world, and sympathetic to the joy and pain of others as if it were their own.
  4. FIDES – Persons capable of a clear approach to the question of the meaning of life and God; sensitive to the Gospel and Christianity, and their values and proposals.

UNIJES is formed by eleven universities throughout Spain. Click here  for further information on each one.