Signing the job contract and welcoming



Once you have been registered with the Social Security, and during your first days at the University, you will sign the job contract that establishes your labour relationship with UD. The contract and the first welcoming will be signed  with one of the staff members at the People Management Department, who will answer any queries you may have.

The key aspects when signing the contract are:

  1. Official welcome to the University
  2. Main aspects related to the General Information about the University.
  3. Content of the Job contract
  4. Working agreement (rights and duties).
  5. Location and position of the new employee
  6. Applicable work schedule.
  7. Holiday schedule, and other work-related aspects.
  8. Laboral risk prevention.
  9. Code of conduct of the works of the Society of Jesus.
  10. Information Security Policy. Likewise, as part of the new recruitment process, you must ¬†download and read the University’s Information Security Policy. In addition, in the first weeks after you join us we will be holding a short briefing session on Information Security Policy that you will be required to attend “.