Public Health System


If you are a foreign national working in the Basque Country and you pay social Security contributions, you will receive a Social Security card containing your personal details and membership number. The social security card will allow you to apply for an individual health card at your nearest health centre. This will allow you to receive medical treatment for you and your family
The Basque Country has a large health infrastructure that meets citizens’ needs.

Individual Health Card: 

  • The Health Card is a necessary document that gives access to the health services and benefits provided by the Health Department. To apply for a Health Card you must be registered with a local council in the Basque Autonomous Community.
  • How to apply: Applications for a Health Card must be submitted to the Customer Care Service at the health centres of the Basque Health Service (Osakidetza), Applications must be submitted along with the following supporting documentation:
  1. A copy of the applicants identification document (ID card, booklet of family details, Passport or similar).
  2. Residence certificate, providing evidence of being a permanent resident in a municipality of the Basque Autonomous Community.
  3. Health Card of the Community of origin, if there is a change of residence

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