Deusto Campus


The time spent at university can have a bearing on our lives that goes beyond the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom. University life opens up a whole host of opportunities for students to grow and enjoy, while being actively involved in the community we are part of and to which we all contribute. There is a wide range of activities in the sphere of faithsolidarityculture and sports. You can take part in them and join other members of the university community. In this way, you will contribute to enhancing a spirit of coexistence and participation, cooperation and mutual support, opening the way for what really counts in life.

Our aim is to continue the longestablished tradition of university life, and particularly university life at Deusto. Now we are driven by a fresh impetus to offer you the opportunity to experience university life in a deeper, even more creative and intense way. This is born out of the essence of the university’s identity itself, which is in keeping with the values we wish to transmit to our students.

  • FAITH: We believe that faith is an important dimension of a person’s growth. For this reason, the University of Deusto promotes activities in order to live, share and grow in faith. In line with our Jesuit tradition and Ignatian Spirituality, as well as stemming from Christian Catholic faith, some possibilities are available. ( o
  • SOLIDARITY: At the University of Deusto, we believe that education plays a vital role in building a fairer world. At Deusto Campus Solidarity we seek to contribute to this mission by helping to build a highly competent university community that is committed to fair and sustainable human development. This concern has led us to work in three main aspects of solidarity: volunteering and citizen participation, development cooperation and the environment. (  o )
  • CULTURE: Deusto Campus Culture is an open cultural space where students at the University of Deusto can create and be actively involved. It is divided into six main areas including performance, music, literature, and other artistic and cultural activities. They all make up the cultural programme each academic year. These projects and programmes are mainly focused on students and they seek to encourage them to participate and become actively involved. (  o )
  • SPORTS: The Sports Department offers university members a wide range of programmes and the opportunity to enjoy a healthy life through physical education and sports practice. The Competition programme has different levels of participation. Competitions between university members in sports such as sevena-side football, fi ve-a-side football, basketball, handball, frontenis, paddle tennis, tennis, table tennis, chess, squash, pala ball game, Basque ball game, etc. There are alsocompetitions against the San Sebastian campus, and we take part in University Championships in the Basque Country and in Spain. In addition, this programme gives you the opportunity to become a member of an affiliated team in basketball, handball, volleyball, table tennis, rowing, roller hockey, etc. (  o en San Sebastián)