The induction process

The induction process at UD:

The induction process is a well-structured process that is shared with the members of the University Community to facilitate the integration of those new members who join the project of the University of Deusto in an effective way, disseminating and promoting the values and culture of our Community.

Key aspects:  

  •  An induction process involves designing a policy and systematic procedure for recruitment, induction and integration.
  • This should be understood as a further step in the selection process following decision-making and agreement with the person who will be joining the University.

  • Therefore, it is important to plan ahead before the start date of the new employee at the University, and make the necessary arrangements to start the induction and integration process. Similarly, we should supervise this integration process during the first months.

  • This is a key process to transmit the main aspects of the university project, and to share relevant information for new member and the University Community.

  • This process must also adapt to the changing reality of the University. Therefore, it is important to ensure its strength and ability to adapt by monitoring its quality and effectiveness.

  • Its success lies in the commitment of the actors involved in it, from the Management to the Heads of departments and centres and team members

Induction in your first days

  • • Induction at the People Management Dept.: new employees will receive their job contract and all those documents related to the agreement, the code of conduct, etc… . They will be informed about health and safety at the workplace and the additional services available as a UD member servicios adicionales ((Life and University – Meals, Work Calendar, Staff Portal…).
  • • Job Induction by Faculties and Centres: you will receive your UD card and auser and email account gestionándotewill also be designated a desk space and computer facilities. You will meet staff members, the Head of Department, Vice-Deans, Identity and Mission Coordinator, who will inform you about your duties and responsibilities.

Welcome sessions

Induction session (2 hours) by Faculties and Centres: :An annual session is held by each of the Faculties and Centres. During these sessions, the   figure known as an “induction colleague” . will be introduced. The induction colleague will be your contact person during your first weeks at UD. Each staff group will designate an induction colleague in a different way:

  • Teaching and research staff: Head of Department,
  • Research staff: Principal Researcher:
  • Administrative and Services staff: Area Manager.

Training week for teaching staffIn January / february the Technical Unit for Innovation and Quality (UTIC) holds a welcome and training week for the teaching staff during four mornings.

Induction Day in Loyola: Loyola:hosts an induction day every year to present the Project of the University of Deusto related to its Identity and Mission to new members.

In December, a Christmas meeting/cocktail reception is held for all staff members.