Your training and development- Skills development

Competences common ground where people’s interest in personal and professional development and the need of the University of Deusto to achieve results converge.

Generic competences for Teaching and Research Staff:

The training and development of Teaching and Research Staff is led by the Innovation Department at the University of Deusto. Its main aim is to support the teaching staff at the University of Deusto in the implementation of the new undergraduate and graduate degrees within the European Higher Education Area and the development of UD’s Education Model.

It mainly focuses on:

  • Training for competence-based curriculum planning, development and assessment;
  • The development and assessment of generic competences in different subjects;
  • The introduction of ICTs as a tool for the development of students’s autonomous and significant learning;
  • Supporting teaching staff in the development of multimedia teaching and learning resources;
  • A teaching development model that consistently integrates practices on assessment, training, innovation and quality for teaching staff.
Generic competences for the Administrative and Services Staff:

The Dictionary of Competences for the Administrative and Services Staff includes 11 competences on which we focus the training and development of this group.

We have divided competences into 3 groups:

  1. Core competences:  they represent the key values that have been defined for all the university members
  2. Generic competences:  they identify and show key elements of the administrative and services staff. In addition, they introduce some factors related to managerial skills and team management at the highest levels.
  3. Managerial competences:at a basic level, they can be applied to technical and expert profiles in the organisation but at higher levels they correlate with team management roles.

You can see the Dictionary of Competences for Administrative and Services staff for further information