UD’s organisational structure and process map


The University of Deusto provides you with:

  • Its organisational structure so that you can know the organisational units it comprises based on its Governance areas, Vice-Rector’s offices and Faculties.

  • Its process map to help you know how each process operates.

 It offers you a site, where you can find all the information and related documents. This is an information site that has been designed to offer you:

  • a graphic overview of UD’s processes and organisational structure,

  • the browsability and interconnection between documents through the use of links (url)

  • the configuration of the degree of sharing and visibility, and

  • access to the latest version of each document.

To facilitate the basic guidelines for using, browsing and updating of the process map, including tutorials and other support documents, a user’s manual has been developed.

The Organisation and Data Unit (ODU) is the structural unit in charge of making this project dynamic and providing support and advice to other structural units in the organisation in order to complete process mapping, as well as to collaborate in the improvement of their processes.

Contact us (Organisation and Data Unit): mapaprocesos@deusto.es