The Basque Country and the cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian

The beauty of its landscape and natural surroundings makes the Basque Country a perfect place for excursions and trips both along the coast and inland. There is a wide range of cultural and artistic events throughout the year ranging from cave paintings and artistic monuments, art galleries, theatre and musical performances, summer courses, etc.
As an example of the Basque culture and its spirit, we should not forget some traditional events such as religious pilgrimages and popular feast days, Basque sports, traditional folklore, etc. Special mention should be made of the Bilbao’s Great Week (‘Aste Nagusia’), which starts on 15 August and lasts nine days.
The gastronomy in the Basque Country is also worth mentioning, as it is renowned for having set the foundations of culinary tradition. The excellent food and local drinks like ‘Txakoli’ are an attraction in themselves.


Bilbao is a cosmopolitan city, open to Europe. Despite its industrial character, the live rhythm of the city and the warm-hearted welcome of its inhabitants make it a place where students find they feel quickly integrated.

Below is a list of some useful websites for your first days in the city:

San Sebastián

In the past few years, San Sebastian has been at the forefront of the European cities that focus their development on science, technology, sustainable development and culture. It has been named European Capital of Culture in 2016 which supports the city’s firm commitment. You can find further information on San Sebastian on the following websites.


There are two official languages in the Basque Country : Basque and Spanish. Although everybody speaks Spanish, Basque language, which is not so widely spoken, is the original Basque language. Most signposts in the city and official publications appear in both languages. A large number of Basque people also speak French and English.
Some useful websites:
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The Basque Country has an oceanic climate, which is humid on the coast and continental inland. Temperatures are mild throughout the year, with frequent rainfall in spring and autumn, mild winters and not very hot summers. The average temperature is 20ºC in summer and 8ºC in winter.Imagen199
For beach lovers, the average water temperature varies from 9º C and 13ºC in winter, to 19º and 22ºC in summer.