Obtaining a NIE number – Foreigner Identification Number

What is it?
The Foreigner Identification Number (NIE, in Spanish) is a personal, unique and sequential number that is granted by the Immigration Office. This identification number will be granted once you have obtained a permit to stay in Spain and it will appear on all documents assigned to you.

What is it for?

  • This number does not entitle you to reside in Spain, but you will need it for any official proceedings, or for financial or professional purposes.
  • You will need this number to do any economic transaction such as opening a bank account, setting up a business, buying a house or a car, completing a tax return, or any administrative procedure at the immigration office.

Where can I apply for it?

The NIE number is granted ex-officio, that is, automatically, by the Police Department to any foreign citizen involved in an administrative procedure, or it can be applied for provided that the request is justified.
  • If you are in Spain, you must apply for it in person at the Foreigner’s Office or the Police Station in your place of residence and you must meet two requirements: a) be a legal resident in Spain b) provide the supporting documents that justify the reasons for your request.

Calle Gordóniz 8,  48010  Bilbao – 944709149
09:00-14:00 – Estación Indautxu (Urquijo exit) (Subway) URL: http://www.inmigracion.barakaldo.org/ficha.asp?codficha=93&i=es

  • You can also submit your application through an authorised representative to apply for the identification number. In this case, you must also justify the reasons for you request and provide the necessary supporting documents.
  • If you are in your country of residence, you can apply for the identification number at the Diplomatic Missions or the Spanish consular office.

Supporting documents required:

  • Official application form.
  • Original ID card or passport and photocopy.
  • One passport-size photograph with white background.
  • Supporting documents that justify the reasons for your request.
  • This is usually a simple procedure that takes between 1 and 5 weeks and it must be collected in person.