Deusto Strategic Plan: Our Strategic Plan

Deusto 2022 is the strategic plan of the University of Deusto for the next four years. Rather than a closed document, it is a live process in constant interaction with the university community and today’s society.

A new impetus: Transforming our world together

This is the ambitious motivational motto that was chosen at the World Assembly of Jesuit Universities (Bilbao 2018). It is now also adopted by the University of Deusto as an inspiration for the 2022 Deusto Initiative: people and institutions transforming the world together.

«Everyone together» is one of our hallmarks. Together as a Deusto university community: students, teaching and research staff, research personnel, administration and services personnel, alumni, families, sharing a single path and project with a whole universe of people, institutions, social organisations, companies, cultural agents …, generating alliances, networking. We got here together. We shall win the future together.

«Transforming» indicates the purpose of our endeavour; transforming in order to move towards a fairer, more humane and more sustainable world. This is at the core of the university mission and of our challenges: education, research and transfer, leadership and a commitment to society… in order to transform and humanise the world. We want to make a small contribution to a vital task performed by people who transform the world.

«Our world» speaks of universality, both within the Society of Jesus and the universitas that gives us our name and our purpose. Our commitment must have a global dimension, in a world that is interrelated and interdependent. And alongside this global dimension is the local dimension, that of our immediate environment. Global and local are the two faces of today’s world. It is ‘our’ world because we feel we are participants who are jointly responsible for today’s world.

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