Communication Kit

You often need to present the university when you attend a seminar, a meeting, a conference, a centre, etc. The basic communication kit is currently available on the intranet:

  • Institutional videos in three languages (Basque, Spanish and English) and with subtitles. You will find them online on Deusto‚Äôs YouTube channel and they are also available on this folder you can download to your device.
  • Logos in different formats. It is important that you download them from here rather than search them on the Internet so that they are of good quality and you do not have to use old ones.
  • The yearbook where you can find out data on the university in a very visual and attractive way. You also have the yearbook in an editable presentation format (PPT).
  • Generic PowerPoint templates you can use as a basis for your presentations.

We hope you will find this kit useful!