Your training and development – Training Plan on Identity and Mission

Training in Identity and Mission

This section contains training actions aimed at staff members at the University, which are promoted from platforms of the Society of Jesus: UNIJES (Jesuit Universities) and Jesuit Province of Loyola.

UNIJES holds two meetings throughout the academic year:

  • UNIJES I: it is held at the Sanctuary of Loiola (Azpeitia-Gipuzkoa). This meeting lasts four days and a half. It mainly seeks to promote interaction with the teaching staff from other higher education centres of the Society, disseminate Ignatian spirituality and its relationship with the Mission of those centres, gain a deeper understanding of the key aspects of the Mission, and share the experience of being a lecturer at a higher education institution of the Society with others.
  • UNIJES II:it is held in Santiago de Compostela. This meeting lasts four days and a half. This is mainly aimed at participants at the UNIJES I meeting, at the heads, coordinator and promoters of teaching management and innovation at the centres, and at members of the academic community involved in the academic project. The aim is to train teaching staff (both Jesuit and lay) in the dimensions of Jesuit university training (the Ledesma-Kolvenbach model) and in St. Ignatius’ Identity and Mission (I&M).

Training plan of the Jesuit Province of Spain: It is aimed at those involved in the different works of the Province of Spain. The aim is to encourage them to contribute to their mission.

Training Plan on Ignatian leadership It is aimed at those responsible for leading others within the Jesuit institutions of the Jesuit Province of Loyola and Spain.

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