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What is Perseo?

  • Perseo is a file serverused by all the departments at UD.
  • It serves as a data repository and based on the type of profile and department, you will have access to appropriate information that you may need for your work. .

Expenses to justify?


  • You should log in Intranet on to the Intranet. Enter your username and password to enter and see your expenses and fees.
  • The Manualssection contains the guide to enter and see the expenses and fees.

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What is eduroam?

¿Conexión VPN? (WIFI)

  • Virtual Private Network VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network technology that allows an extension of the local network over a public or non-controlled network. In this way, once the user has been authenticated and the connection has been established, an encrypted channel is created to protect our data. This allows the possibility of connecting from home, from another University or from a hotel with the internal network (Intranet) of the University of Deusto in a secure way using the Internet infrastructure, regardless of the means used to establish the connection (WiFi, cable, GPRS , etc…).

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